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Making a monster become my pet!

The Cute Pet system enables players to capture and tame certain monsters that appear in the game to be their pet. Once a monster is tamed, (if properly cared for) and, depending on the owner's status and level of intimacy, will use emoticons to communicate its feelings.

it will follow the owner (if properly cared for) and, depending on the owner's status and level of intimacy, will use emoticons to communicate its feelings. Also, the monster acts as a cute pet, doing adorable things when owners give certain instructions. They are loyal and cute! There are a total of 24 monsters that can be tamed to be pets.

While the Poring, Deviruchi, and Sohee are the most favored, there are several other monsters that also have distinct personalities.

01 How to tame a Monster
1. First, you will need to get a taming item to capture the monster. Each monster requires a different item, so please refer to the Rune-Midgarts Library to determine which item you will need to obtain.

2. If you have found a monster you wish to tame, double-click on the taming item you have prepared. Then, click on the monster and a slot machine will start turning.

3. Now, this is the important moment! Click on the slot machine and it will slowly come to a stop, informing you whether the capture was successful or not. If the slot machine stops at success, you have succeeded! But if it stops at failed, then you have failed to capture the monster.

4. If you have succeeded in capturing the monster, you will see a message saying that you have acquired a monster egg. Once you have possession of an egg, you may use a pet incubator, available at the town taming merchant, to hatch the egg.

02 NPCs that help Monster taming
Monster Tamer
Found in the buildings of Alberta, Izlude, and Al De Baran, these NPCs have some of the items necessary for taming and pet accessories available for purchase.

Taming Merchant
Located in every town, except Al De Baran and Alberta, these NPCs sell portable pet incubators, pet food, and some monster accessories.

You can check taming items in the 'Rune-Midgarts Library'.
03 Tips on Raising Pets
1. If you right-click on your pet, a pet menu will pop up. From this menu you can feed your pet, observe its status or make it perform.

2. You can only change your pet's name *ONCE* using the 'Pet Status' menu. So, please be careful when deciding your pet's name.

3. Your pet will leave if it is not fed or overfed, so please be sure to feed and take care of it with love and attention.

4. You can change your pet back into an egg and use the pet incubator to re-hatch it.