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What is the Upgrading System?

The upgrading system allows you to upgrade the ability of your current weapon or armor.

If you succeed in upgrading,
a 'SUCCESS' message will display and the item will have a +1 added to it.

If the upgrade fails, the item, Zeny used, and any cards in the slots will all be destroyed completely, so please be aware of the following.
01 Preparations for Refining
In order to refine, there are items you need to gather and expenses to be paid for first.
Equipment Icon Necessary Item Price Upgrade Fee Effects of Upgrade
Weapon Level 1
Phracon 200 zeny 50 zeny Each +1 increases 2 damage
Weapon Level 2
Emveretarcon 1,000 zeny 200 zeny Each +1 increases 3 damage
Weapon Level 3
Oridecon not sold 5,000 zeny Each +1 increases 5 damage
Weapon Level 4
Oridecon not sold 20,000 zeny Each +1 increases 7 damage
Elunium not sold 2,000 zeny Each +1 adds 1 defense
02 Upgrading Shop and NPC
If you are prepared to upgrade, go to one of the following NPCs.
03 Upgrading Success Chance
The upgrade number will show in front of the weapon or armor, and can go up to +10.
Weapon Level 1 Safe up to +7
Weapon Level 2 Safe up to +6
Weapon Level 3 Safe up to +5
Weapon Level 4 No Safety
Armor Safe up to +4