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The War of Emperium
The War of Emperium is a war between different guilds to claim the castle to be your headquarters for the guild.

Different from previous guild wars only between the larger guilds, through several different smaller scale battles, more guilds can participate, and do other things in the game.
01 Guildmembers! Attack the Castle!!!
If you destroy the Emperium inside the castle and win the war, your guild becomes the new owner of the castle. There is a big reward awaiting those who obtain a castle, so cooperate with your guild members or even other guilds and attack the castle.

Only two chances each week! The War of Emperium is only possible during the following times
Server WoE1 WoE2
Chaos (Renewal) Wednesday 3pm (PST) Saturday 4pm (PST)
Loki (Classic) Saturday 1pm (PST) Sunday 12pm (PST)
Only guilds with the 'Official Guild Approval' skill can participate in the War of Emperium.
Key to Victory, the 'Emperium'
The guild that destroys the Emperium inside the castle become the new owner.
Guard of the Castle, the 'Guardian'
The 3D guardian guards the castle from invaders by blocking their attacks.
The Guild's Symbol,'Guild Flag'
yhe guild who takes over the castle will have a flag with their emblem on it displayed in front of castle.
02 20Castle are awaiting your guild.
Prontera, Al De Baran, Payon, Geffen each have 5 castles making a total of 20 castles available.
AI De Baran