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30 Day Halter Lead Box
Price: 150 Kafra Points
Quantity: 1
Required Level: N/A
Class: All

The Kafra gals are proud to introduce the long awaited Class Mounts! Now all adventurers will be able to zip around the towns and fields of Rune Midgard on a stylish creature specific to their class type.


  • Mounted characters have 25% speed increase.
  • Cannot attack on mount.
  • Mount summon item will expire after 30 days.
  • Characters like Crusader, Knight, and Ranger characters can use these mounts but they will not be able to attack while using them.
  • From the Kafra gals you can purchase a "Halter Lead Box" which you can put in storage. Once you open the box that Halter Lead is fixed on that character and 0 Weight. It will begin it's expiration timer when the box is opened. Double clicking the Halter Lead will mount/dismount you from your mount.

    Please be sure you have the "Halter Lead Box" on the character you want to have the 30 day mount.

    Acolyte Class

    Thief Class

    Knight and Crusader Class

    Mage Class

    Archer Class

    Gunslinger and Swordman Class

    Ninja and Soul Linker Class

    Novice Class

    Merchant Class

    With these new mounts, you can cross long distances in comfort and safety* at an affordable cost.

    *Does not guarantee safety

    • Kafra Shop orders cannot be canceled or refunded, so please be careful when redeeming your Points.
    • Some Kafra Shop items can be given and traded to other players and characters, but certain items purchased from the Kafra Shop cannot be dropped, given, or exchanged once they are retrieved from the Kafra Shop Storage.
    • Purchased items will be automatically sent to your in-game Kafra Shop Storage which is accessible within the Ragnarok Online.