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Nyangvine Mileage Package

A New Package is here! While event is on the run, Nyangvine Mileage Package gives you various item and Costume Mileage Coin that you can exchange into limited costume on Malangdo

Nyangvine Mileage Package I(Stone Box 30)
A box containing 100 Nyangvines.
Also includes 12 Costume Mileage Coins and 3 boxes of Costume Enchant Stone Box 30.
1200 KP

Nyangvine Mileage Package II(Stone Box 30)
A box containing 200 Nyangvines.
Also includes 25 Costume Mileage Coins and 5 boxes of Costume Enchant Stone Box 30.
2200 KP

Nyangvine Mileage Package III(Stone Box 30)

A box containing 400 Nyangvines.
Also includes 50 Costume Mileage Coins and 10 boxes of Costume Enchant Stone Box 30.

4000 KP


Costume Enchant Stone Box 30
A box that contains enchantment stones for costume equipment.
Various class enchant stones have been added.
Royal Guard
Rune Knight
Guillotine Cross
Shadow Chaser
Soul Reaper
Star Emperor
Oboro / Kagerou
Wanderer / Maestro
Existing costume enchant stones are also included.
Weight : 1

Costume Mileage Coins
Obtainable from Costume Egg purchased.
Can be exchanged for Costume Enchantment Stones or various costumes.
[Mysterious Sweet Shop]

Purr-ency that can be exchanged for various items. Can also be traded for costume headgears by talking to Designer Heidam at the Malangdo building located at 115 150.
Class: Generic
Weight: 1