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Sanctuary Purification


While disaster is brewing from the conflict between natives and migrants in the background, it seems that Rachel has been inflitrated by the Heart Hunters. 
Join forces with the Temple Guard to clear up the temple from the remaining renegades and heart hunters..


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Memorial Dungeon Entry  | Clearing Temple Renegades | Clearing Heart Hunter

1. Memorial Dungeon Entry

Locations: /navi rachel 169/245
NPC: Ordinary Person & Priest

This memorial dungeon is only available when you clear Episode 18 Main Quest - Wolf Among Sheep.

Requirement: Base Level 170 or higher
Entry Duration: 60 minutes.
Cooldown: 1 Day
Reward: 8 Amethyst Fragment in total

Help the Temple Guard to clear up the temple from remaining renegades and heart hunter remnants.
When you accept the quest from the priest, you will be given two tasks. Each task will reward you with 4 Amethyst Fragments. You can choose either one or both tasks for one operation.

2. Task #1: Clearing the Temple Renegades

The operation will be divided into several areas. In each area, you will need to defeat all the temple guard renegades in order to proceed to the next area.
The exploration between each area will be limited, so don't worry if you get lost in the middle of the operation.

Join forces with the Temple Guard to drive out the renegades!


Be careful that the renegades are wearing the same uniform as your allies.

3. Task #2: Clearing the Heart Hunter remnants inside the storage

After you’re done with the renegades, you will be tasked with entering the storage and clearing out the remaining remnants of the Heart Hunter.
Inside, you will be given a code by the Temple Guard leader. Pay attention to the code because you will need that code to lock each room after you clear out the enemies.

Pay attention to the code!


Clear out all enemies in each room!

Lock the room using the code!

What kind of experiment are they trying to do in the storage?

When you are done clearing out all the enemies, report back to the Temple Guard leader to complete the operation and claim your reward from the priest.

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