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Turbo Track General Information

Location : In the middle of an Al De Baran Guild Castle in the 9 O`clock direction.

- Knight and Crusader class characters will be forcibly dismounted from their Peco Pecos
at the entrance.
(They will receive Free Tickets for Peco Rentals to retrieve their Peco Pecos.)
- If the carried weight of Knight or Crusader class characters exceed 90% of the maximum weight limit upon dismounting from a Peco Peco, they won`t be allowed to enter the Turbo Track until they reduce the weight of items carried in their Inventory.

Users are sent to a Waiting Room before starting the race.
In the Waiting Room, users can exchange Turbo Track Points,
earned by entering Turbo Track or winning races, for certain
items through the service NPCs.

To participate in Turbo Track, a fee of 1,000 zeny is required.

Turbo Track Service NPCs

Kafra Employee
Provides Storage Service and Character
Save Point Service (Al De Baran Respawn Point).
Point Exchange NPC
You can redeem Turbo Track Points
that you`ve earned for certain items.
Sells Potions, Traps and Arrows.
Admission NPC
Normal Mode - Courses for 1, 4, 8 or 16 Participants
Expert Mode - Courses for 4, 8 or 16 Participants



Items and Skills Disabled in Turbo Track
Items: Green Potion, Panacea, Fly Wing.
Skills: Snatch, Teleport, Warp Portal, Hiding, Cloaking, Stealth, Cure, Ice Wall, Berserk, Basilica, Sheltering Bliss, Spear Dynamo.  

*`Knock-Back` effect is disabled in both game modes.

Participation Bonus
2 Points
1 Person
Time Attack
10 Point Reward for completing within the time limit
40 Point Reward for making a Top Record
Normal Mode

Expert Mode

4 Participants
20 Points
40 Points
8 Particpants
30P / 20P / 10P
50P / 40P / 30P
16 Participants
40P / 30P / 20P
60P / 50P / 40P
*8 and 16 Participant Modes Point Rewards are displayed
for the 1st place winner, followed by 2nd and 3rd place.

Point Calculation Example: The winner of a Normal Mode 4 Person Course would
receive 2 points just for participating in addition to the 20 Points awarded to the
winner. Therefore, the first place winner would earn a total of 22 Turbo Track Points.

Point Reward

10p - Free Warp Ticket
12p - Level 5 Scroll
40p - Experience Point Reward
          Level 1-70: Base EXP 3,000
          Level 70-79: Base EXP 9,000
          Level 80-89: Base EXP 10,000
          Level 90-99: 99 : Base EXP 30,000
150p - 3 Carat Diamond
350p - Gift Box
400p - Speed Potion

Rewards can be redeemed through an NPC in the Waiting Room.

During races, monsters will spawn as obstacles to players.
They won`t give experience point rewards when defeated, but they
will drop useful items such as Orange Potions, Speed Potions and Slow Potions.