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Turbo Track
Mini Games in Ragnarok Online
The Al de Baran Turbo Track

Players can participate in footrace mini games
at the Al de Baran Turbo Track. Friends can join
the rest of the RO User Community in competing
for fun, as well as a chance to win points that can
be redeemed for prizes.

Come on! Let`s see which of us is fastest!

Turbo Track Information

The Turbo Track entrance is located
in the vicinity of the Al De Baran Guild Castles.
An admission fee of 1,000 zeny is required.

Game Modes
Items and Skills Disabled in Turbo Track
Items: Green Potion, Panacea and Fly Wing
Skills: Snatch, Teleport, Warp Portal, Hiding, Cloaking, Stealth,
Cure, Ice Wall, Berserk, Basilica, Sheltering Bliss and Spear Dynamo
Track Courses