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Turtle Island

| Monster Skill Update |

1 .Development Intention
We urge users to challenge to the game by finding/studying suited battle skills for
certain monsters and to enjoy various character of monsters.

2. Type of Monster Skills

1) Players skills used by monsters

Skill name
Bash Mysteltainn, Pirate Skel
Pierce Gryphon, Sidewinder
Magnum Break Raydric, Steam Goblin, Mutant Dragon
Provoke Carat, Yoyo, Jealotous, High Orc, Zealotus
Spear Boomerang Excecutioner
Endure Big Foot, Golem, Stalactic Golem, Savage, Sasquatch
Napalm Beat Flying Petite, Walking Petite, Cookie, Elder Willow, Willow
Soul Strike Ghostring
Frost Diver Strouf, Obeaune, Christmas Goblin
Sight Horong
Meteor Storm Bloody Knight
Heaven`s Drive Chimera, Minorous, Evil Druid
Quagmire Sting, Strouf
Earth Spike Wraith
Cold Bolt Sage Worm
Fire Bolt Kaho, Savage Worm, Marduk, Elder Willow, Jakk
Fire Ball Mutant Dragon, Kaho, Marduk
Lightening Bolt Sage Worm, Wind Ghost, Strouf, Christmas
Jupital Thunder Deviruchi, Joker, Wind Ghost
Water Ball Sword Fish, Strouf, Deviace
Fire Wall Kaho, Marionette, Chepet, Marduk
Safety Wall Angelring, Savage Worm
Adrenaline Rush Verit, Desert Wolf, Desert Wolf Baby, Dokebi, Axe Goblin, Axe Cobold
Mammonite Dokebi
Hammer Fall Minorous
Double Strafe Archer Skeleton, Goblin Archer, Cobold Archer
Arrow Shower Orc Archer
Heal Angeling, Alice, Chepet, Vitata, Carat, Cookie
Teleport Creamy, Ghostring, Clock Tower Keeper, Carat, Megalice
Lex Divina Bathory, Metaller, Vocal
Lex Eterna Baphomet Jr., Christmas Cookie
Recovery Bathory, Sage Worm, Alice
Detoxify Obeaune
Hiding Hode, Smokie, Martin, Sting, Sandman
Cloaking Frilldora, Ghostring, Whisper
Envenom Anacondaq, Argiope, Cramp, Myst, Fest, Scorpion
Sonic Blow Jealotus, Injustice, Matyr, Wild Rose, Peco Peco
Venom Dust Argiope
Holy Light Angeling
Stone Fling Yoyo, Coco
Arrow Repel Raydric Archer, Gargoyle
Sand Attack Sandman, Martin, Giearth
Counter Attack Wanderer, Executioner, Mimic, Sohee
Brandish Spear Bloody Knight, Abysmal Knight
Maximize Power Khalitzburg, Abysmal Knight, Raydric, Mysteltainn, Executioner, Grimtooth
Increase Agility Isis, Alarm, Baphomet Jr., Orc Lady, Marc, Nightmare, Flying Petite, Savage
Decrease Agility Khalitzburg, Evil Druid, Ghostring, Joker, Wraith, Walking Petite, Clock
Pneuma Nine Tails, Greatest General, Carat
Grimtooth Khalitzburg
Skid Trap Yoyo
Sandman Giearth
Claymore Trap Clock Tower Keeper
Marionette Freezing Trap
Ankle Snare Orc Archer
Shockwave Trap Wind Ghost
Back Sliding Bongun, Sage Worm

2) Original Monster Skills

Skill name
Changes to a Random
Frilldora, Joker, Nine Tails, Dokebi
Changes to Shadow Attribute Carat
Changes to Fire Attribute Bloody Knight, Matyr
Changes to Ghost Attribute Myst, Angelring
Changes to Water Attribute Sasquatch, Muka, Sting
Silence Attack Deviruchi, Stainer, Steel Chonchon, Dragon Fly
Sleep Attack Creamy, Dustiness, Spore
Stun Attack Bigfoot, Golem, Goblin (Hammer), Kobold (Hammer), Requiem, Savage, Stalactic Golem, Anolian, Munak,Orc Warrior
Blind Attack Familiar, Drainliar, Clock Tower Keeper, Male Thief Bug, Dark Frame, Mars
Suicide Sohee
Self-destruction Marine Sphere
Consecutive Attack Frilldora, Horong, Hunter Fly, Mantis, Mummy, Soldier Skeleton, Vegabon Wolf, Vocal, Pest Raggler, Goblin (Sword), Penomena, Cruiser
Critical Slash Goblin (Morning Star), Kobold (Morning Star), Orc Skeleton, Marina, Orc Zombie
Guided Attack Zealotus, Stem Worm, Mysteltainn, Eclipse, Isis
Splash Attack Khalitzburg, Abysmal Knight, Wanderer, Alarm, Skel Prisoner, Chimera, Mutant Dragon
Magical Attack Clock Tower Keeper, Marduk, Wind Ghost
Piercing Attack Horn, Caramel, Hornet, Riding Word, Muka, Grimtooth, Desert Wolf, Arclouse
Mental Breaker Nightmare, Bathory, Myst, Clock
Stone Curse Evil Druid, Punk
Venom Dust Argos, Verit, Poporing, Zenorc, Anacondaq, Poison Spore, Zombie Prisoner, Ghoul, Zombie Tarou, Side Winder
Lazy Attack Merman

3) Boss Monster Skills

Boss Monster
Baphomet Lord of Vermilion, Curse, Brandish Spear, Maximize Power, Teleport
Doppleganger Heal, Pierce, Frost Diver, Blind, Maximize Power, Endure, Counter Attack
Drake Endure, Spear Boomerang, Water Ball, Maximize Power
Eddga Fire Ball, Magnum Break, Spear Stab, Endure
Gold Thief Bug Mammonite, Magnum Break, Fire Wall, Fire Bolt
Maya Pierce, Heal, Safety Wall, Heavens Drive, Brandish Spear
Moonlight Flower Mammonite, Heal, Earth Spike, Fire Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Cold Bolt
Orc Lord Provoke, Spear Stab, Lex Divina, Fire Bolt, Cold Bolt, Endure
Orc Hero Thunder Storm, Adrenaline Rush, Maximize Power, Endure
Osiris Quagmire, Venom Dust, Earth Spike, Bash, Curse
Phreeoni Stone Curse, Mental Breaker, Heavens Drive, Earth Spike, Brandish Spear
Stormy Knight Storm Gust, Lightning Bolt, Safety Wall, Maximize Power
Hatii Adrenaline Rush, Frost Diver, Endure, Decrease Agility
Dark Lord Meteor Storm, Fire Wall, Magical Attack, Curse
Mistress Jupital Thunder, Heal, Lex Divina, Consecutive Attack, Pneuma

* All boss monsters will use the Two-Hand Quicken, Increase Agility,
Guided Attack, and Piercing Attack depending on the probability.
* All boss monsters will Teleport if they are attacked from beyond their
attacking range.
* Monsters with attributes will use attacks of their attribute.
* The above content has not finalized. More may be continuously added
or removed.

Question and Answer

Monster skills to be implemented in the future?
The attack aspects of the skills may change as well, but the focus will be to add more elements of fun to the game through these Monster skills.
Things such as monsters` dialogues or emoticons, a Pupa changing to a Creamy or a Smokie pretending to be a player, subordinate monsters summoning boss monsters, etc will be added.
These plans are still undergoing development so they have not been finalized
Why monsters are overusing player skills?
The current monster skills implemented on the Sakray are not complete as a system or in the way the skills are being used.
There are many bugs to be tested and fixed, and other functions are still in
the process of development.
Also, because there many of the originally planned monster skills are still being
developed, Monsters` skills and the variety will change.
The direction of monster skills in the future?
1. Edit the current balance, and allow players to be able to counter the monsters` attacks without too much trouble and
2. Find the skills that best fit each monster, with the new monster skills, make it so that the player will be able to enjoy what the monster does when it is about to use a skill.