Ragnarok Online - Updates - 13.3 El Dicastes is open for Adventure!
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13.3 El Dicastes is open for Adventure!
Invitation from the Sapha tribe The Sapha tribe sent a messenger to Midgard Expedition Camp and the whole post is excited about it. Those seeking to travel to the capital city of the Sapha people can begin their adventure at the Rune Midgard Allied Forces Post in the New World. It is recommended that those embarking on this journey the Ash Vacuum be above level 100.
These two guards are talking about the messenger in from of the camp barracks.
As soon as you go in to the central barrack where the commander is trying to see what is going on, Aero greets you unexpectedly and starts to talk about the Sapha messenger who traveled all the way through Manuk to get here.
Vyhannus, the Sapha messenger comes with a message of gratitude for the help that their tribe has received from the expedition and invited them to the capital city of the Sapha, El Dicastes.
From there, adventurers will seek out the entrance to the Kamidal Tunnel that connects Manuk and the Sapha Capital.
You are all set to explore the city once you have registered as an adventurer at Dicastes Diel.
There is a bar called Burman Flone in the capital city of the Sapha, where you can apply as a human adventurer. It is noted for its Midgard architecture. Speak to the bar owner Shay, who will be happy to help you on your journey.