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Step Back into the Past with iRO's Classic server!
Jump to the past with Ragnarok Online's New Classic Server: Loki!

Introduced in June, the classic server is the first of its kind and a chance for players to experience a retro Ragnarok Experience as it was with some unique enhancements.

Major features of Classic
  • Ingame mechanics and maps from pre-Renewal, pre-Destruction of Morroc
  • 2-1 and 2-2 classes available from the start
  • WoE, Transcendent and Expanded classes will be available after there is a moderate level of high level players on the server
  • Weekly evaluation and improvement of monster spawns on a per-map basis
  • Kafra shop available with convenience items
  • Timed releases of global update maps, with midgard slowly growing as players level up
  • High level gear will drop in boxes, once opened these items
  • Free to play!

The classic server is a unique experience, challenging but very rewarding.

Players are able to use their existing Ragnarok Online accounts to play on Classic: Loki, but you need to use the ClassicRO exe file in your Ragnarok folder.

The first three character slots can be accessed at any time, VIP subscribers can create a maximum of 9 characters. If your VIP expires you will not be able to access characters besides the first three slots.

Resources: Since pre-renewal mechanics, monster and item attributes are different from those of Renewal, we recommend the following places to find information before you start your classic journey!

Pre-Renewal wiki and Database at iROwiki

Classic patch notices and map spawn adjustments

Check out the Classic tech support section of the forums for any technical issues