Ragnarok Online - Updates - [Classic] Pray to the Heavens and Rebirth as a Transcendent class!
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[Classic] Pray to the Heavens and Rebirth as a Transcendent class!

A war with the demons has been raging onward, but is there any hope of winning? One man has a plan to Transcend the human limitations and bring forth a new age where heroes are bigger than life..

An unassuming Sign post on the Airships top deck ask for powerful heroes to apply for a dangerous quest, level 98 and higher heroes will suffice. Seek out Scientist Toyotino in the Juno Hall of Learning, and find out what is master plan is, and how you can help him achieve it for the good of all Midgard!

Multi-stage quest, part 1 begins November 29, with subsequent parts being updated weekly. The final goal will be to allow humanity to break through and Transcend limitations and take back the power that saved Midgard in the ages of Myth and Legend.

At the conclusion of this quest players receive a headgear reward and a 0 zeny requirement to transcend.

For the less patient, players are able to speak to scientist Toyotino inside the sage castle, just to the south of the Book of Ymir. There will be different options available for players who wish to skip the quest, though they will have to pay zeny and won't get the headgear!

2.5 mil if you want to bypass quest
1.25 mil with VIP bypass quest
1.25 mil with Magic Stone bypass quest
0z VIP + Magic stone bypass quest
The headgear for completing the quest: Valkyrie Feather Band

Valkyrie Feather Band (Cosmetic)