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Introducing Tomb of Honor!

This latest edition to the Bio Labs, Tomb of Honor is Ragnarok Online's highest level dungeon, reserved only for the strongest and bravest of adventurers. If you're up to the challenge, you will be rewarded with exhilirating battles and epic rewards!

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In the slums of Lighthalzen, Ohno Tohiro discovered something strange.
It was a crevice situated in an unassuming part of the village. Although the town was no stranger to oddities, the crevice that emitted strange sounds was new. Curious, Ohno Tohiro ventured inside... and immediately scrambled back out. Terrified of what he had seen, he told an adventuring friend of his, who also ventured into the strange crevice.

A few days later, the adventurer emerged from the crevice badly injured, but alive - and loaded with mysterious, powerful items. Word of his time in the mysterious crevice spread, and soon more adventurers and mercenaries began showing up in hopes of gaining such riches. Unfortunately, they never returned. As quickly as it rose in popularity, the crevice began to grow quieter, with only rumors of its horrors and riches surrounding it.

Nowadays, Ohno Tohiro can be found at the the entrance to the crevice, claiming ownership over it due to his discovery. His experience with the place has made him wary, and he'll only let in adventurers in exchange for zeny, or strangely enough, research papers. Rumors say that the monsters within have slowly taken the shape of other people, and there are whispers of an old biomedical research lab somehow involved. The crevice is open to only the strongest adventurers eager to test their might, explore new places, and find powerful treasures.