Ragnarok Online - Updates - Bug Fix Update June, 22nd - July, 20th 2023
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Bug Fix Update June, 22nd - July, 20th 2023

Bug Buster Report

Bug fix July, 20th 2023
  • Fix Khalitzburg Knight Card effect
  • Fix Nostalgia Cherry Blossom item effect
  • Fix 100 Silvervine Box that cant be opened
  • Fix "resource File loading file" issue on iz_ac02
  • Mojji now available at Taming Merchant NPC
  • Remove NPC Suhnmi & Suhnbi (old refine npc that still using dialog)
  • Fix Kiel Hyre quest stuck
  • Add missing item effect for:
    • Caster Shadow Weapon
    • Immortal Shadow Armor
    • Magic Executioner Shadow Weapon
    • Magic Exorcist Shadow Weapon
    • Magic Hunting Shadow Weapon
    • Magic Insect Net Shadow Weapon
    • Magic Fishing Shadow Weapon
    • Magic Dragon Killer Shadow Weapon
    • Magic Corrupt Shadow Weapon
    • Magic Vibration Shadow Weapon
    • Magic Holy Water Shadow Weapon
    • Magic Scissor Shadow Weapon
    • Attack Shadow Armor
    • Cold Bolt Shadow Armor
    • Fire Bolt Shadow Armor
    • Earth Spike Shadow Armor
    • Enhance Force Shadow Weapon
    • Shadow Force Weapon
    • Enhance Spirit Shadow Weapon
    • Exceed Shadow Weapon
    • Caster Shadow Armor
  • NPC related to job change ninja in einbroch now doesn't affect by smog alert
  • *Smog alert bug still on checking, others NPC still affected by it

    Bug fix July,06th 2023
  • Fix Memento Mori description issue
  • Fix Paracelsus Glove description issue
  • Fix veins bounty board description
  • Fix Costume Full Bloom Cherry Tree sprite effect
  • Now Plagiarsm can't copy monster skills (ex: Earthquake, etc)
  • Fix Strange Hydra quest

  • Bug fix June,22nd 2023
  • Fix Hairband of Asmodeus item effect
  • Fix Traveler Ring item effect
  • Fix Enchant Ancient Hero weapon issue
    • Fog Dew Sword [2]
    • Sharp Wind Sword [2]
    • Spirit Pendulum [2]
  • Fix Themis Balance item effect
  • Fix Emerald Ring item effect
  • Fix Shadow Greed, Heal, Hiding item effect
  • Fix Death Bringer item effect
  • Fix NPC Seller Nyarom
  • Fix Dark Ring description issue
  • Fix Shield of Phoenix description issue
  • Fix Amistr Bag sprite error
  • Fix Nostalgia Cherry Blossom item effect
  • Fix Costume Queen Scaraba effect issue
  • Fix Metal refine ticket issue
  • Fix Lens pore enchant issue
  • Fix Race Shadow Mix Box and Gemstone Shadow Mix Recipe item issue
  • Taming merchant now seeling Bok Choy
  • Fix Thieves Guide Vol 1 item issue
  • Fix Avoidance Cape item issue

  • Rest assured that we're working to fix other known issues to give players a better Ragnarok Online experience.
    As always, thank you for playing Ragnarok Online, and Stay tuned for more updates!

    If you find any bug please kindly let us know by submitting a ticket to here.