Ragnarok Online - Updates - Bug Fix Update August, 3rd - August, 10th 2023
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Bug Fix Update August, 3rd - August, 10th 2023

Bug Buster Report

Bug fix August, 10th 2023

  • Adjusted Fifth Element description of "Every level of Total level learned : Call Agni, Call Aqua, Call Tera, and Call Ventus" MATK bonus from +15% to +15
  • Fixed Fifth Element issue where the After Cast Delay effect could be stacked when re-equipped.
  • Fixed the issue where Lunar Eclipse Armor can be destroyed in battle.
  • Fixed Geffenia Ice Magic Tool issue where the FCT effect is applied to all skills
  • Adjusted the option description when EXP Advisor [1] is enchanted by EXP Advisor Modification
  • Fixed the issue where casting Holy Cross while wearing the Divine Guard Hat did not trigger Tuna Belly
  • Adjusted Soutane armor set, Clergy Manteu, Clergy Boots description issue
  • Fixed the issue where Costume Bomb Hat does not show visual when equipped
  • Adjusted Jormungand rib weight description
  • Adjusted Traveler Ring item description regarding Unlimited effect
  • Fixed the issue where Pump of Spirit cannot be used in NPC Piercing Master
  • Adjusted Kaite skill description

  • Bug fix August, 3rd 2023

  • Fixed the issue where Costume Musical Decoration does not show the correct visual when equipped
  • Fixed the Madogear color for Mechanic class issue
  • Fixed the issue where All Race Shadow Shield cannot be enchanted
  • Fixed the issue where High Heal / Highness Heal number is showing up as '0'

  • Rest assured that we're working to fix other known issues to give players a better Ragnarok Online experience.
    As always, thank you for playing Ragnarok Online, and Stay tuned for more updates!

    If you find any bug please kindly let us know by submitting a ticket to here.