Ragnarok Online - Updates - Episode 12: Quests
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Episode 12: Quests

Ages ago a great evil was conquered and sealed beneath the Desert town of Morroc. The great stirring of evil in the world has weakened those seals. In a great upheaval which shook the entire world the evil awoke, in mere moments the quaint desert town of Morroc was razed, the citizens fleeing towards the Morroc Pyramids. The deserts surrounding Morroc are changed forever, as the Extra-dimensional evil Satan Morocc roams free.

In response the armies of the world gather to fight before more of the world is plunged into chaos.

Chief Balrog is the senior leader of the Continental Guards, this volunteer army is the only thing holding Satan Morocc back from spreading his influence and destructive power over the world. You must prove your worth to join the Continental Guards, to sign up and do your part to save Rune Midgard visit Chief Balrog near the South Morroc Kafra.

The peace of this world cannot last forever the upheavals of Evil in the world shake many of the ancient seals of the world loose, and the evil they protect against creeps out to spread its wickedness. One such ancient seal existed in St. Capitolina monastery, where the Brothers who wish to become monks train and pray. Deep beneath the monastery also houses the seal of the one of the greatest evils in all of Rune-Midgart, Baphomet. The tranquility of the St. Capitolina Monk`s Abbey is interrupted as the seal on Baphomet weakens. Only with the power of the world’s strongest adventurers can Baphomet be resealed again.

Friar Patrick guards the Seal of Baphomet deep in the Monks sanctuary; to take your part in making the next chapter of Baphomet`s legend you must find him and accept his quest.

The thick fog has lifted and the brave sailors are finding their way to a mysterious island that holds the Endless Tower built to pay homage to an ancient evil`s Hubris. The sighting of this enormous tower quickly spreads and now adventurers from all over Rune Midgard come to investigate and challenge the unconquered Tower. The mighty demon waits atop his tower for any adventurer that could possibly be strong enough to challenge him, but will anyone be able to withstand the climb to the top? What waits behind the door at the top of the tower?

Captain Janssen, a lonely sailor in Alberta waits with a story to tell; may offer you safe passage to the Endless Tower for a small fee and
a listening ear.

Despite the utter destruction of Morroc, life goes on for the survivors. One such survivor is Benjamin, now living in the Morroc Ruins. Between epic adventures to save this country from destruction, or stopping this or that evil from gaining power it is likely that the normal adventurer forgets that it is for the people of the world for whom they put their life and strength on the line. Perhaps helping Benjamin the "Book-Touching Man" will lead you on a different kind of adventure!

The Epic quest line begun with Prontera Curse of the Gaebolg quest continues its plot with 12.0. A kingdom without a King is in Peril of losing its way politically and spiritually. An heir must be crowned for the good of the Kingdom. But who could ever take good King Tristram III`s place in the peoples` hearts?

That question is what weighs heavily on the imperial inspector, if you should choose to answer his summons for help, visit the Messenger at the Gate of Prontera Castle. Your choices may steer the Kingdom into a future of Enlightment!