Ragnarok Online - Updates - Episode 12: New Systems
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Episode 12: New Systems
With the expansive 12.0 update many new systems have been added to Ragnarok Online!
Pressing the ctrl - ~ will open a world map that shows your location and the location of your partymates.

Also with this update an enhanced quest journal is implemented.

This handy journal can be opened with Alt-U

Selecting the "The Crow of the Fate" quest will open
a description of that quest progress.

The Battlegrounds is a PVP scenario that can be accessed from most of the popular towns. When you are finished battling, the Teleport Staff will send you right back where you started!

Many exclusive high end PVP gears tailored for the various classes are the featured prizes to spend your Award medals on, in the Battlegrounds. The Marrol kingdom is in search of mercenaries to battle for on the side of their commanders to determine who is best to lead the nation into the future. Two scenarios are available for Warriors level 80 and above; Flavian & Tiera Canyon battlegrounds.

The seasoned General Guillaume leads the Blue Team in the scrimmages, and the young Prince Croix proves his worth as the leader of the Red Team.

Flavian is a capture the Flag type of scenario, first team to 2 captures wins.

Tiera Canyon is a military war game where you seek to destroy the enemies Food Supplies without losing your own.

Each scenario gives a different Medal as a prize for participating and winning. The medals can be redeemed in the Set up room. Bring your friends and join a side and battle for fun, PVP experience and prizes!

To journey to the Battlegrounds area, talk to a Marrol Battle Recruiter in town.

Prontera 123 83
Morroc Ruins 75 162
Aldebaran 146 109
Geffen 109 66
Payon 189 105
Lighthalzen 153 86
Rachel 149 138