Ragnarok Online - Updates - Episode 12: Nightmare of Midgard The Destruction of Morroc
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Episode 12: Nightmare of Midgard The Destruction of Morroc

The ever escalating wars between Good and Evil, Demons and Humans, and Life and Destruction have opened a new chapter in the history of Rune Midgard. As the peace is taken away, the citizens and adventurers look deeper into themselves to find the strength to right the wrongs; and they also look ever outward to find new allies in the world of Ragnarok Online to settle the land back into tranquility. There was a tenuous peace that had existed in the Rune-Midgarts kingdom after countless adventurers sought out the ancient legends of Morocc and Thanatos. Many thought that after having fought beside the Dandelion Organization and Assassin Guild to stop a cult from trying to release the ancient sealed power that lies dormant beneath Morroc Castle that Rune Midgard was through its worst trials.

The world breathed easier when the main leader of the cult, Raiyan Moore, was captured by the joint efforts of the Dandelion Organization, Assassins Guild, and several Heroic adventurers. The Kingdom then looked outwards searching for new allies to help pacify the demonic powers that were stirring in the world.

But evil cannot be easily destroyed, and patience is a virtue that the strongest of Evils has in plenty...

An ominous wind blew into Morroc, the desert village; the sun setting behind raging storm clouds, with lightning striking the ground, and thunder shaking the very heavens above the citizens of Morroc who cowered in their homes not daring to venture outdoors. A tempest furied out in the desert to the East, while the black circling clouds settled directly over Morroc Castle. The guards in the castle took the prisoners and fled from the center of the storm, just before the ground began quaking from deep beneath the city.

It seems time and Raiyan Moore`s tampering were more effective at weakening the Seals, that held Satan Morocc in stasis, than anyone ever imagined. Morocc`s rebirth rended the castle, nearly razing the entire town to the ground. Citizens fled to the Morroc Ruins to the North West to escape his wrath. For several hours he laid waste to Morroc city, troops and heroes from all across the globe journeyed with haste to Morroc to slay the awakened Demon.

Many lives were lost that day, but their efforts bought the world the gift of time to plan and regroup. Morocc was forced east into the desert, and now Sograts Desert will never be the same again...

Task forces of military and private mercenaries have banded together in Morroc, calling themselves the Continental Guard; they have quarantined the area most tainted by Satan Morocc`s presence. They are looking for brave adventurers to assist in their task.

The release of power during Satan Morroc`s Rebirth had many strange effects that are only now beginning to be discovered. Off the Eastern Coast of Alberta a strange tower is rumored to be seen as an apparition out at sea. One Sea captain in Alberta swears he has seen it and can return there, but no one has taken him seriously yet.

Trouble is also stirring in the northern part of the kingdom. In the ancient times, warriors of great virtue expelled evil from the land. Thanatos, Morocc, and Baphomet all were such evils; with great sacrifice and effort those evils were sealed. The shockwave of energy from Morocc also weakened the seals on Baphomet. The Monks of St. Capitolina Abbey are charged with maintaining the Seal of Baphomet, but their strength may have waned over the centuries, or the Beast has grown stronger...This is a time where all adventurers, regardless of their vocation, should band together to bring peace to the world. Resealing Baphomet will require more than just the Monks of the Abbey.

Not all the happenings have been ill tidings. Outside of the Rune-Midgarts kingdom a before unknown country of Marrol has offered itself into a mutually beneficial pact with the Rune Midgard alliance. Marrol chooses its King not through blood or election; rather they choose one based on merit. This time the merit will be based on War Strategy. They have sent several representatives to the Kingdoms of Rune Midgard to ask for adventurers to be mercenaries in their war games. In return, they offer prizes for those mercenaries and help hone those adventurers` battle prowess in their Battlegrounds training.

The Episode 12: Nightmare of Midgard, the Destruction of Morroc will be unleashed on December 9, 2008 on the Premium Servers. The Valkyrie server will gain access to the full 12.0 update contents on December 23, 2008. Valkyrie residents may get early access to the Episode contents as early as December 9, if they wish to purchase the "Poring Key" from the Kafra Shop.