Ragnarok Online - Updates - Episode 11.3 Mercenary System Update (1)
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Episode 11.3 Mercenary System Update (1)
1. Mercenary Soldier`s name.
2. Remaining duration of summoned Mercenary. (Duration: 30 minutes)
3. Indicates Reliability rating between the Mercenary and its owner.
4. Displays the number of types this type of Mercenary has been summoned.
5. Mercenary Skills list. Mecenary skills can be selected and cast, similarly to using Homunculus skills.
6. Displays the Mercenary type. 3 different types, Archer, Swordsman, or Spearman, can be hired.
7. Mercenaries cannot be fed, unlike Homunculi, and will disappear after the 30 minute duration.
The Mercenary Status Change option will be added to this menu.
8. Displays the tally of enemies that your Mercenary has defeated; only monsters at a suitable level (Character Base Level/2) are counted in this tally. Reliability rating increases by 1 for every 50 kills.
(Can be changed to show a value calculated by a different formula.)

Targeting and Attack: Alt + Left Click (Target) - Press Alt+ Left click on a monster to target it. Left click on the monster one more time to command your mercenary to attack.

Movement: Alt + Left Click (Ground) - Press Alt + Left click on the ground to command your Mercenary to move to that spot. This will also cancel any actions the Mercenary was performing.

Standby: Ctrl + T - Command your Mercenary to stand next to you.

Information: Ctrl + R - Open the Mercenary information window.

Purchase a Mercenary Summon Scroll from a Mercenary Guild, and use the scroll to summon a Mercenary soldier. (Mercenary Summon Scrolls cannot be traded, dropped, or stored in Kafra Storage and Pushcarts.) Your Mercenary soldier will be released from his contract and disappear if you are defeated in battle.

There are four different ways in which Mercenaries are released from their contracts.

a. The Mercenary`s 30 minute duration elapses, displaying the message "The Mercenary contract has expired."
b. The mercenary soldier is defeated in battle, displaying the message, "The mercenary has died."
c. You order your Mercenary to retreat, displaying the message, "You have released the mercenary."
d. You are defeated in battle, displaying the message "The mercenary has run away."

Your Mercenary`s Kill Count increases by 1 each time you or your Mercenary defeat a monster at a suitable level (Character`s Base Level/2). The Kill Count is reset to 0 if a different Mercenary is summoned.

The Reliability rating is increased by 1 for each 50 kills tallied in the Kill Count, and when the Mercenary is kept alive throughout its 30 minute duration. Each Mercenary Type (Archer, Swordman, Spearman) will have its own Reliability rating, i.e. if an Archer Mercenary achieves 50 kills, only the Archer Mercenary`s Reliability increases by 1.

Reliability will decrease by 1 if the Mercenary is killed. Reliability is not lost if the Mercenary disappears as a result of its owner`s death.

Increasing Reliability will raise the frequency at which Mercenaries cast Buff magic on themselves.

Mercenary soldiers can cast 5 different types of Buff magic, and will randomly cast these spells depending on their Kill Count.

LV 1
LV 2
LV 3
LV 4
LV 5
Flee Buff
ATK Buff
HP Buff
SP Buff
Accuracy Buff
: Mercenary soldiers display effects, shown in the pictures to the left, when casting Buff magic spells.

HP Buff - Increase Max HP by a certain %, and fully restores HP.
SP Buff - Increase Max SP by a certain %, and fully restores SP.

Buff effects last until the Mercenaries are defeated, different Mercenaries are summoned, or the Mercenary duration elapses. If two similar Buff effects of different levels are cast, then only the higher level Buff is retained, and the lower level Buff is canceled. If different effects are cast, all of the effects will be retained.

Buff effects are canceled when the Mercenary is defeated, regardless of their remaining duration, and are not passed down to the next summoned Mercenary.

Mercenary Level
Character Level
Other Requirements
Level 1
15 or Higher
7000 z
Level 2
25 or Higher
14000 z
Level 3
35 or Higher
21000 z
Level 4
45 or Higher
28000 z
Level 5
55 or Higher
35000 z
Level 6
65 or Higher
42000 z
Level 7
75 or Higher
50 Reliability or Higher
49000 z
Level 8
85 or Higher
100 Reliability or Higher
56000 z
Level 9
90 or Higher
300 Reliability or Higher
63000 z
Level 10
90 or Higher
You must have summoned Archer Mercenaries at least 100 times before you can purchase a Level 3 Archer Summon Scroll. (The requirement may be changeable if deemed necessary.)
* Content may be changed based upon game updates or
when deemed necessary.