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2-2 Job Class
The one that likes sings when on break, and likes poems has found the job. His singing voice improved and at one point started to have magic in it. When he sings, the fields grow calm and animals gather around and and listen to him sing. His magical singing spread throughout Rune-Midgarts where King Tristan III hears as well. The King invites the Bard to perform. Impressed by his amazing talents, he asks the Bard to join the adventurers, and so he joins the journey.

You can change jobs to a Bard in the Christmas town Lutie. Talk to the wandering minstrel in Comodo to apply, then go to Snownow in Lutie. Meet the people the in the order NPCs instruct you to and finish the quests. Afterwards, go back to Comodo and if you sing along successfully with the minstrel, you will be able to change jobs to a Bard. You must be Job Lv 40 or higher.
01 l
Christmas girl in the 1 o'clock direction of thw town.
02 l
Snownow who you will run into first.
03 l
Young man Pose who is in the 11 o'clock direction of the town.
04 l
The Clown in the middle of the town that you will pass.
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